5 Key Tips for Good Tree Pruning

By December 21, 2018Tree Trimming
tree pruning

If you’ve got trees on your property when was the last time you took a really good look at them?

Go and take a look now. Are they starting to get a bit too close to your property? Or are they beginning to look a bit untidy?

Well kept trees can add value and curb appeal to your home. But if they become uncared for or start growing too close to your property, they can become a problem.

Regular tree pruning is an important part of your garden maintenance. It doesn’t need doing as regularly as say, cutting your lawn, but regular care is vital for tree health and to keep your property looking great.

Read on for some top tips on how to prune trees.

1. Use the Right Tools For Tree Pruning

As with any work around the home or garden, it is always important to use the right tools for the job.

Which tools you need will depend on the task at hand. Small branches less than one inch thick can usually be pruned easily with small shears or secateurs. Larger branches will require lopping shears or even a saw.

Making sure your tools are clean and sharp will make the job a lot easier, and also give you a cleaner cut. This will also be better for the tree and reduce the risk of infection.

2. Prune At The Right Time

Very light trimming can really be done at any time of year. However, any more substantial tree pruning must be done at the right time for the tree.

The best time to prune trees is in late winter, or early spring before they start to bud.

This is because the sap is not flowing, and so the trees will heal quicker and not ‘bleed’ which can attract pests. It’s also a lot easier to see what you are doing when there are no leaves on the branches.

3. Prune Out of Necessity

There are a number of reasons for pruning a tree. It could be encroaching on your property. The branches could be damaged or broken. Or you might want to change the shape of the tree.

Whatever the reason for pruning, it is important to remember that each cut poses a small risk to the tree. Whether that is from infection or pests.

Therefore you should think carefully about why you are pruning, and only prune what is needed.

4. Make the Cut in the Right Place

When pruning a branch always try and cut above a growth bud.

The cut should be angled at about 45 degrees and about half an inch from the bud. Protecting the buds is important when pruning, as you do not want to inhibit new growth.

5. Safety First

If you are planning on trimming your trees yourself, please be careful!

Tree cutting is quite a dangerous job. It involves sharp tools, working at height, and possible falling branches.

When you are tree pruning it is important you wear safety gear to avoid any injuries or mishaps.

Protective gloves and safety goggles are vital pieces of equipment and should be worn whenever you are tree pruning.

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So there are some tips on tree pruning. But if you are not confident enough to attempt pruning trees yourself, then it is always best to get some professional help.

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