5 Reasons To Have Tree Trimming Done At Your Home

By January 24, 2018Tree Trimming
tree trimming

If you have trees around your home or yard, it’s essential to keep them in good condition. Yearly tree trimming is a great way to improve the aesthetic of your home, but also comes with several other important benefits.

The best time to have your trees trimmed is in the late winter or early spring. This helps enhance new growth that happens when the weather starts to warm up.

Keeping your trees well-trimmed also helps achieve a more open feel in your yard. In addition, it allows more light into your home if you have trees in close proximity to windows.

If you’re not sure if having your trees cut back is necessary, let’s look at some of the major benefits this service provides.

1. Protect Your Home

In time, your trees will develop weak, dead, or even diseased branches. These branches are vulnerable and may fall during heavy storms. Even during nice weather, neglected branches are at risk of breaking and falling.

Falling branches may cause damage to your home, powerlines, and could even fall into the street or sidewalk. Aside from causing damage, this is a safety hazard. Tree trimming helps avoid structural damage to your home and possible injury.

2. Prevent Disease

Sometimes a tree’s branches get infected and need to be cut down. This not only helps the overall health of the tree, it prevents the disease from spreading.

Keeping your trees well maintained also helps protect it from certain fungal diseases. When more airflow circulates between branches, the tree stays drier. This means less possibility of harmful fungus growing on branches and infecting the tree.

3. A Good-Looking Yard

Well-trimmed trees give your home and yard a much nicer aesthetic appeal. If your home is situated in a location with a nice view, having your trees cut back allows you to better enjoy the landscape.

Tree trimming also provides a much more symmetrical shape, especially if older branches are growing too close to the ground. The overall appearance of your landscaping gets a makeover when you trim your trees.

4. Help Your Trees Grow

You may not realize this, but trimming helps strengthen the roots of a tree. This allows them to more effectively withstand harsh weather conditions. The overall strength and health of a tree promote better growth.

Trimming also helps balance out the growth of a tree. Professional tree trimming will strengthen the structure of a tree by correcting weight distribution problems.

5. Cut Down on Pests

Many types of pests and insects live in the trees around your home. When your trees are dense and overgrown, these pests thrive. Certain insects can actually weaken your trees.

Maintaining the density of your trees will help reduce the number of pests around your home. This could also cut down on the need for other pest control solutions.

Take Advantage of Yearly Tree Trimming

A well-maintained yard not only looks better, it has a direct effect on the exterior condition of your home. Have your trees professionally trimmed and enjoy the benefits discussed above.

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