Our clients say it best. Here’s a small sample of the feedback we get every day.

    review rating 5  In addition to needing a routine annual Back Flow Certification check, my sprinkler system had numerous other problems ,..some simple ...some complex and difficult. So I knew I had to look for a highly rated company that was highly recommended. From this standpoint, and from what I could see from my Google search, I chose Cutting Edge ...and was not disappointed. A day after calling and speaking with their office manager, like a triage surgeon ...Cutting Edge's van arrived; and Nick, the principal owner, quickly, and efficiently sorted through each and every one of my system's numerous issues Several of my many issues were not easy. One of my zone's main lines had become enveloped by a huge tree root which pierced it ...producing a huge leak. One of my heads had to be relocated and several others had to be adjusted to maximize their zone coverage pattern's positions. 🀩 All in all, Nick left me with a system which now, thanks to C.E.L.L. ...my system is in tip-top shape. Thank you Nick ...!

    thumb William Landman

    review rating 5  Great professional workers. The job was done quickly and the results were clean and nice. Highly recommend, my lawn has never looked better.

    thumb Dora Moreno

    review rating 5  My lawn looks great and I always get compliments on its look. Cutting Edge has always meet my concerns and the results are in the way my lawn looks.

    thumb Augustin Sawyer

    review rating 5  Coming home from work and seeing the lawn taken care of just as expected makes this business transaction a success. Will continue using Cutting Edge. Professional and prompt!

    thumb Bobby Borthwick

    review rating 5  Although I'm not home most of the time to see the specialist, they provided great feedback about the lawn as well as how best to take care of it. They took extra care into the lawn and it greatly helped! My grass still looks green and it couldn't look better. I truly appreciate the specialists working at Cutting Edge and hope they keep up the great service and lawn care.

    thumb Theresa Knight

    review rating 5  Nick can be sort of goofy, but they are good bunch of guys to work with. Hired them for my two businesses

    thumb Sarah Payne

    review rating 5  Our lawn looks manicured around the clock and I love making the neighbors jealous. What more can you ask?

    thumb Hollis Horton

    review rating 5  Nick and his team were awesome. Thanks!

    thumb Vladamir Docwra

    review rating 5  Hired them for our sprinkler system maintenance and haven't looked back since. I'd recommend them to anyone.

    thumb Greg Hallenbeck

    review rating 5  Great team. Listened to my ideas and incorporated them into our new landscaping. A+

    thumb Kathryn Robinson

    review rating 5  Seriously the best company I have had mow, maintain and landscape my business/home. We have tried multiple different companies and have never been 100% satisfied. IF I have an issue it is corrected immediately which is very appreciated.

    thumb Katie Donley

    review rating 5  Very good, friendly people

    thumb Larry Tobin

    review rating 5  Couldn't ask for a better team to work with! Very friendly and knowledgeable.

    thumb Kaleb Lechtenberg

    review rating 5  I use Cutting Edge to handle all my lawn and landscaping needs. They are always professional and have the highest quality of service. They go above and beyond for me when ever I need them.

    thumb Donny Sechrist

    review rating 5  As a business owner myself, I know that quality professional work is one of the most important things to maintaining a business. I do a lot of work for Cutting Edge, and I know they are dedicated to honesty, accuracy, and professionalism.

    thumb Phillip Smallwood

    review rating 5  Awesome company to work for!

    thumb Brett Prater

    review rating 5  Cutting Edge assisted in the design process and planting of various flowers for my front porch flower pots. Their staff was extremely accommodating and knowledgeable.

    thumb Ali Thomas

    review rating 5  Hired Cutting Edge this season for mowing my lawn on a weekly basis. Since then I have also switched to them for my lawn treatments and my sprinkler system work. Great company to work with, all the guys there are very helpful.

    thumb Bryan Christopher

    review rating 5  I hired Cutting Edge to mow my lawn while I was on vacation and they did a great job! I'd recommend them to anyone!

    thumb Kelly O'Halloran

    review rating 5  Great job, Great people!

    thumb Paul Blissett

I called in the middle of the night a few winters ago. The contractor I had hired for snow plowing never showed up. Cutting Edge came out, took great care of the property and we have used them ever since. β€” John K., Wichita

Cutting Edge has been taking care of my elderly mother’s house for several years now. She absolutely loves the crew that comes out each week. They even take the time to chat with her a little bit each time. β€” Rhonda P., Wichita

β€œThey always show up on schedule and they do a great job each and every time.” β€” Janet S., Wichita

I had Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape repair my sprinkler system that had not been working for years. Matt was very very courteous and knew what he was doing. He got everything fixed very quickly. β€” Robert L., Wichita

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