Top 5 Winter Lawn Care Tips for Your Wichita Home

By December 7, 2018Winter Lawn Care
winter lawn care

With winter comes dormancy, and with dormancy comes a reduction in lawn care. However, the arrival of winter doesn’t mean that you can just throw lawn care to the wayside. While your lawn doesn’t require quite as much attention as it does the during rest of the year, it still requires some attention.

So, what does winter lawn maintenance entail? What can be done to keep your yard looking nice throughout the cold season? Here are the top 5 winter lawn care tips for your Wichita home!

1. Aerate

One of the biggest keys to winter yard maintenance is aeration. This is a process in which small holes are punched into your soil, giving it a chance to breathe. Lawn aeration not only combats soil compaction, it also helps water, air, and minerals to access the roots of the various plants in your yard.

Aerating your lawn in the wintertime will have it ready to blossom in the spring. For best results, you should have your lawn aerated before the first big freeze.

2. Fertilize

Another of our cold season lawn care tips is to fertilize your lawn. When done in tandem with aeration, lawn fertilization is hugely effective, readying your many plants for the spring thaw.

Fertilizing before winter hits will allow your plants to store necessary nutrients. The second that your plants come out of dormancy, they will utilize these nutrients to quickly grow bright and colorful. If you treasure an optimally healthy lawn, winter fertilization is of utmost importance.

3. Tread Lightly

When snow falls down and the air takes on a chill, your grass suffers. These frigid conditions leave your grass in a state of rigidity. When in this state of rigidity, your grass is brittle and prone to breaking.

For this reason, you want to do everything in your power to take stress off of your grass. In other words, you want to walk on your grass as little as possible. Treading lightly will have your lawn looking good come springtime.

4. Clear the Leaves

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their lawns is allowing dead leaves and other items to sit upon them all winter long. It is imperative that you know: leaving items on your lawn for prolonged periods of time will cause dead spots.

The best course of action is to clear these items from your lawn as soon as possible.

5. Be Proactive

The key to winter lawn maintenance is to be proactive. Trimming your grass, clearing leaves, and fertilizing your lawn before the winter chill sets in is the best way to reduce the damage done. Reacting to the brutal effects of winter is a losing battle when it comes to lawns.

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