Sprinkler Solutions: What Is the Best Sprinkler for a Large Yard?

By January 30, 2021Irrigation, Lawn Care

Sprinkles are for more than ice cream. Sprinkle your lawn with a consistent and nourishing stream of water.

But many homeowners don’t think their sprinklers through. They throw a little water on their plants from the garden hose. They buy a sprinkler and drag it across their lawn.

That kind of sprinkling doesn’t provide the nourishment your plants need. You need a better system. Here is a quick guide to finding the best sprinkler for a large yard.

The Sprinkler System

There are many different kinds of sprinklers on the market.

Consider what your lawn needs. Size is an important factor, but you should also consider what type of grass and how much sun exposure you have. These factors affect how much water you will need.

Fixed sprinklers cast water in one pattern over a fixed area. They provide fast and precise watering, including for hard-to-reach areas. They may not be able to target specific spots that need care.

Oscillating sprinklers shoot out a fan-shaped waterfall. Impact sprinklers rotate in a circle to squirt out water jets. Both of these sprinklers work for large areas, but they may not reach hard-to-find areas.

Melnor XT Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

If you want gentle and even coverage, the Melnor XT sprinkler may be right for you. The sprinkler has a range of 4,200 square feet. It features twenty nozzles, allowing for an even spray of water across the lawn surface.

You can adjust the watering pattern to control for width. Its Infinity Turbo Drive provides a smooth operation over the years, and Melnor offers a lifetime warranty.

Nelson Traveling Sprinkler Raintrain

If you want more flexibility, consider the Nelson Traveling Sprinkler Raintrain. The sprinkler contains aluminum arms, allowing you to adjust the range of the sprinkler. You can target small areas, or you can water a large lawn.

To help the sprinkler target areas, the sprinkler comes on a track. The Raintrain can propel itself, gliding back and forth across the lawn. You can adjust the speed to target certain areas.

Make sure to place your Raintrain on a flat and even lawn. The sprinkler can get stuck in weeds or sunspots. But the sprinkler can target those spots for special care.

Rain Bird Pop-Up Sprinklers

In-ground sprinklers provide automatic operation. You can set your sprinkler heads, then you can forget about them. They will pop up and provide water when and where you want it.

Rain Bird Pop-Up Sprinklers offer an even spray of water over sixty feet in diameter. You can adjust the spray to match your needs. Install four or more to cover a large lawn.

Rain Bird sprinklers are made of plastic, so they can get stuck in dirt or thick grass. But you can fix your sprinkler heads easily. Check your valves and ensure that water pressure is strong through your sprinklers.

Go to the Experts for Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

Your sprinkler makes or breaks your lawn. Too many homeowners under or overwater their lawns. Find a system that can target hard-to-reach spots while providing a consistent spray.

Fixed sprinklers provide consistent coverage, even toward distant areas. Oscillating and impact sprinklers also work for large areas, yet they may not be able to target certain spots.

Melnor provides an oscillating sprinkler you can adjust for width. Nelson’s Raintrain glides across the lawn to reach underwatered areas. Rain Bird’s pop-up sprinklers are great for automatic operation.

When your sprinkler needs repairs, go to the experts. Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscape offers full-service lawn and irrigation maintenance. Get a free quote today.