The Beginner’s Guide To Custom Landscape Design

By November 22, 2017Landscape Design
Custom landscape design

New to custom landscape design? You might have more to offer than you think. If you’ve got inspiration and an eye for style, you’re already halfway there.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about the project before you. The best way to begin is not with plants and materials. Start with the feeling.

You don’t want to simply create a garden. You want to create an experience for you and your guests. Your first goal is to decide what that experience will be.

In a moment, we’ll review the three key steps for getting started with custom landscape design. They’re designed for normal people like you. Inspiration is your greatest contribution to the project.

That’s because the market for custom landscape design provides everything you need to realize your dream. As Lauren Hall-Behrens, landscape designer and founder of Lilyvilla Gardens says, “Defining that feeling and then applying a thematic layer to it is the beginning of everything.”

How do we get started? Custom landscape design begins with your inspiration and goals for the project. With the right help, you will come to know the best path forward.

Three Beginner’s Steps for Successful Custom Landscape Design

You may need help from an expert. But keep in mind that the “custom” comes from you. Here are three steps for getting started with your cherished project.

1. Decide What Your New Landscape Will Do

You chose a custom design hoping to accomplish something with your property. Will the design area be a new Zen garden? Will it be a heavily used play area for your children?

All of these aspects should fall into the early planning stage of your project. Start thinking about placement and what you want those elements to do. Right now, terms like “lush and beautiful” are better than plant names themselves.

Consider natural elements as well. Building a patio that has 10-hour exposure to the sun could be a mistake. You can easily identify pitfalls and opportunities during this creative stage.

Then, commit to a general location. This is also a good time to begin consulting with a landscape design professional.

2. Move Forward with the Focal Points of Your Design

You should become certain about some aspects of the project. Work with a professional on the placement of the most important pieces. You can choose the remaining elements with greater confidence this way.

Will your project include a statue or a tree that you love? You should decide on these aspects. Then, put them into place with the intent of extending your project from there.

3. Scale Out Your Project to Completion

You should now talk to your design partner about scaling out the project. You will want to set a pace for completing the design. Now is the time to begin selecting all key features as well.

After inspiration, the most important part of landscape design is patience. Your initial ideas won’t always flesh out in development.

The professionals with whom you work will have your goals in mind. Be open to their suggestions for realizing them.

Start Your Journey to the Perfect Landscape Design

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