The 5 Best Hardscape Stones to Use In Your Landscape Design

Hardscape stones

Landscaping can bring your property to life with the strategic use of plants and grasses. Hardscaping enhances your vegetation by using stones and gravel to set off the beauty of your greenery, architecture and outdoor space.

There are a wide variety of materials which can be used in the design of an attractive outdoor area. Hardscape stones must serve both aesthetic and practical functions. In addition to displaying your fire pit or patio in an attractive manner, you may need stones that drain rainwater effectively.

If you live in an area where the winters are harsh, you may need a stone that is especially durable in harsh weather.

Read on to discover five options that could deliver just the look and utility that you are seeking for your backyard.

Decorative Gravel

Gravel is one of the most popular hardscape stones to use in outdoor property designs. Pea gravel is composed of small, round pebbles that are pleasing to the eye and the foot. They are also is relatively inexpensive.

Limestone chips and black lava rocks are more costly options.

You can spread gravel like grout in between larger stones, or across wider areas all by itself for different effects.


Urban planners have used sandstone for centuries. It has become increasingly popular in private property design because it is so durable. Sandstone will remain strong and unweathered even after years of exposure to the elements.

Sandstone is soft and you can cut it into a variety of shapes, so it works well for stairs and in unusually-sized gardens. It comes in a nice variety of colors, too.

These hardscaping stones are easy to maintain, so you can spend more time entertaining in your backyard than working on it.


Granite evokes the ancient cities of Europe and Central America where its blocks were used to create the first roadways.

Durable granite is made from the igneous rock mined from far below the earth’s surface. It is very hard and non-porous, making it suitable for tough climates where the weather gets very cold.

You can find granite in many forms, ranging from dust to decomposed to boulders. Landscape architects use it for stairs, driveways, property edging, and even retaining walls.

Granite can withstand very high temperatures, so it is an excellent choice of material for backyard firepits.

Because granite is so tough, it can be difficult to work with. It also tends to be more expensive than other hardscaping stones.


Slate is another choice of hardscaping stones which works well in outdoor designs. It comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, giving you lots of options for creative looks on your property.

The drawbacks to slate are that it can be susceptible to water damage, and can cost more than some other stones.


Flagstone is natural rock cut into thin, flat slabs intended to be walked on. It is commonly used for paths and patios, and it can be adapted to many styles of design.

You can arrange flagstones in formal geometric patterns, or in irregular shapes for a more natural look.

Hardscape Stones: The Practical and Beautiful Way to Enhance Your Property

Combining landscaping with hardscaping will give your property a pleasing mixture of colors and textures. You can create a welcoming place for guests or a quiet spot for meditation and tranquillity.

If you are interested in incorporating hardscape stones into your landscaping design, contact us for more information.