Why Is Weed Removal Important?

By January 17, 2018Weed Removal
weed removal

Why is weed removal so important?

The vast majority of weeds are ugly. That much is obvious, and it’s a reason by itself to remove weeds.

But did you know that there are important practical reasons to keep weed growth to a minimum?

Here’s why weed removal is vital in your garden.

Weeds Grow Into Buildings and Pathways

Maybe you’re not so fussed about a few weeds in your flower bed. But if left to grow out of control, weeds will find their way into places you really don’t want them.

They’ll move into greenhouses and do their best to wind their way up your home. Their roots exert a surprising amount of pressure on rocks, meaning that over time they can push apart paving slabs in your pathway.

Removing weeds from drainpipes can be a difficult job. And replacing or filling in new gaps between your paving slabs might be expensive.

Don’t take the risk of wasting money like this. Get those weeds under control!

They Get in The Way

Trying to garden? Or harvesting fruit and vegetables?

You’ll probably find that those pesky weeds are really getting in the way of your work. As a rule, getting rid of them makes gardening a much easier and faster task.

If they’ve grown over your fruit-bearing plants, it has been blocking the light and stealing food and water from them too. You may find that the food hasn’t grown as much as expected, and just isn’t as sweet or tasty.

That’s a real shame after you’ve patiently waited months for your crop to mature.

Weeds are a Hiding Place For Pests

Weed removal isn’t just about getting rid of weeds.

Long grass and tall weeds are breeding grounds for pests including bugs, rodent, and cockroaches. Yuck.

More bugs in your garden mean more mouths to feed. And what are they going to feed on? Yep, that’s right. Your garden plants!

Cutting back weeds removes these hiding places. Pests, exposed to the elements, will move on fairly swiftly. This could even save your home from a vermin invasion!

They Compete With Your Garden Plants

You’ve got all of those beautiful landscape plants in your garden.

Why go to all the trouble of caring for these in the first place if they’re going to be overrun by weeds later on?

Weeds grow fast and fight them for resources. Generally, they’re pretty good at this, which will weaken – and can even kill – your precious plants.

And the more they grow, the harder they are to destroy at the root. Tackling them early will solve you a headache in the long run.

Our Professional Weed Removal Services

You don’t have the time to do it yourself? Or you’d rather do the real gardening and avoid doing this boring job?

No problem. Our attentive and professional weed removal services are here to snatch those intruders out of the ground for good.

We also offer many other gardening and landscaping services to ensure your garden looks great before summer.

Give us a call today, and we’ll arrange to send over a weed exterminator at your convenience.