The Top Garden Trends of 2018

garden trends

If you’re an avid botanist or take pride in your backyard, then you’ll be keen to hear about these up and coming garden trends.

An average of $36.1 billion is spent annually within the gardening industry. So, the desire to keep up with the latest gardening trends has never been higher!

With that in mind let’s dive on in.

1. Meditation Gardens

Both meditation and mindfulness have soared in popularity over the last few years. So it’s not surprising this movement’s extended into the arena of garden design.

The purpose of these kinds of gardens is to inspire people to take a moment to sit and reflect.

Features typically include:

  • A brick path
  • A mirrored sculpture
  • Plenty of decorative flowers.

However, you don’t need to spend the word to achieve a beautiful looking mediation area in your garden. Even something as simple as a small stool in your favorite spot would work!

2. Water Features

Water features never have and never will go out of style; they’re a classic!

We love the relaxing sound of the water trickling down and the beauty of such a spectacle.

In addition to classic looking water features, reflections pools have become a massive hit!

Top tip: you should always position these pools to reflect the beauty of the sun, sky, and clouds- if you want to get the best effect!

3. Upcycling

However, if you’re looking for something a little more hipster then upcycled garden features will be the trend to watch for you.

This fashion is especially popular with eco-warriors as it focuses on the importance of reusing and recycling old goods.

Usually, you’ll find unique planters and water features crafted using this method.

For example, if you’re planning on having a clear out, you should search for an old household item that could create a pond like an effect, and voila you have yourself a gorgeous new water feature!

For example, an old TV works well!

Or, if you’re looking to create upcycled planters, then opt for some old gardening boots you no longer use! These look fabulously funky, and all you have to do is ensure you have adequate drainage holes.

4. Grow Ornamental Grasses

No one can resist the touch of Mexican feather grass. For those of you who can’t picture this plant, it’s an extremely soft-to-touch ornamental grass. One could describe it as ‘hair like.’

It’s beautiful to watch swaying in the breeze and perfect if you’re looking for a plant to create a peaceful ‘meadow’ feel.

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