Why You Should Hire a Snow Removal Company Early

hire commercial snow removal

In Kansas, it seems like each year, winter is more unpredictable. As a result, snow removal as a service has become incredibly popular, especially for us. And who could blame you? Every hour your business is closed due to inclement weather results in lost revenue. In fact, winter storms cost billions each year in losses.

Snow removal companies are a sight for sore eyes when the snow has fallen several inches overnight and you still need to get to work safely and open shop for the customers who still depend on your goods or services.

Sure you can always grab the trusty shovel and dig yourself out, but many people either don’t have the time or the patience needed to conduct this arduous task. And what if you have a huge parking lot? Even store-bought snow-blowers are not up to the task. Many snow removal companies are also landscaping companies in the warmer months and this makes perfect sense. If someone wants to pay to have their lawns mowed in the summer then there is a good chance that they will want to have their driveways or parking lots cleared in the winter.

In Wichita, if you have a commercial property, there’s a good chance you’ll need to hire a snow removal company at some point in time. If a large amount of snow falls on the ground there is only so much that a shovel can do. Even if you have a snow blower or snow plow, if the snow on the ground is more than six inches then you are in trouble.

Snow removal companies generally have the biggest and the best in regards to snow removal equipment. Along with a variety of trucks with plows, snow blowers, and workers with shovels they also have access to bigger and more heavy-duty equipment when needed. This equipment can range from a Bobcat to a dump truck and everything in between but when you can’t get yourself out, rest assured that they will be able to.

Most snow disposal companies work on either a contract basis or a one-off style system. Having a removal company under contract for the entire winter can prove to be not only a smart move on your part but a financially sound move as well.

If you call every time you get snowed in and you have to pay the one-off way this will, of course, cost you a bit more. While this is alright if you only use the service once or twice, it will end up costing you much more in the end if the winter weather is busy.

Not only this but when you are calling on the spot, so too are many others and some snow removal companies have to go on a first come first served basis. However, they will always take care of their customers who are under contract first and foremost. This gives you the upper hand when your business needs to be up and running, or when you have tenants venturing out early in the morning.  It also means less stress dealing with upset customers or tenants and less liability from those who could potentially slip or fall on snow or ice-covered sidewalks or parking lots.

If you do make the decision to hire a snow removal company, make sure that company is licensed and insured. We hear horror stories all the time about fly-by-night companies or property managers who hired the ‘guy down the street’ with his make-shift snow plow, only to be left with property damage. You can probably guess who gets left footing the bill for that.

When winter weather is bitter and not showing any signs of slowing up, don’t make the mistake of calling a company who may never show up. Cutting Edge Lawn & Landscape has been helping commercial clients win the snow-removal battle for over 20 years. Give us a call or request a free quote and we’d be happy to share more information on how a custom snow strategy can benefit your property this winter.