Curb Appeal: 6 Major Benefits of a Well-Curated Lawn

By March 7, 2018Lawn Care
curb appeal

When it comes to selling your home, it can be a game of chance. Sometimes you’ll have people visit and other times there’ll be no foot traffic whatsoever.

What gives?

The house itself may be in perfect condition but have you evaluated your lawn? Overgrown bushes and scarce pottery can make your yard seem like a wasteland.

After all, 63% of potential homebuyers will view a property they’ve seen online. But that means you have to have great curb appeal first. They could care less about the number of bedrooms if your yard isn’t properly taken care of.

With that said, let’s go over the importance of having a well-curated lawn.

Let’s get into it!

More Foot Traffic

The whole point of listing your home online is to get people to come down and visit. Pictures won’t do your home justice and no one will make a life-changing decision based off of the Internet.

Instead, you need to impress the potential homebuyers. And that starts with curb appeal.

Make sure nothing is overgrown and broken branches are taken down. If the outside looks great, it’ll make the inside look even better.

Takes Less Time to Sell

Who doesn’t want their home sold quickly? Once it is, you’re on your way to owning the house of your dreams.

People viewing your home will come to a quicker decision knowing the lawn is already taken care of. They won’t see it as them making yet another investment when buying a home.

Increases Perceived Value

This term can mean a lot when selling your home. Buyers won’t need to know the cost it took to renovate the lawn. Even if it was inexpensive.

The point of perceived value is to make something look like it cost a fortune. When that happens, people are automatically willing to pay more. Or at least won’t haggle the listing price.

Curb Appeal Can Be Inexpensive

It’s not always required to do any fancy landscaping. Sometimes all that’s needed is lawn edging and tree branch removal.

It doesn’t take much to beautify your lawn. Adding pottery and colorful flowers are more than enough to catch the attention of curious folks.

There’s High Resale Value

Who knew adding a few plants could get you a nice return on your investment? As said above, you don’t need to take desperate measures to make sure your front yard looks in tip-top shape.

Taking care of it ensures buyers will be impressed. Not only impressed but more willing to buy and even pay extra. Don’t be surprised if you have a bidding war on your hands.

Outdoor Living Space is a Plus

For those with a family or ones who like to host, they’ll love an outdoor living space. It may require a bit of cash to do but it’s well worth it.

People love to spend time outdoors when the weather’s nice. And often times, it can be a deal breaker when they view other houses that are without a grill and patio space. This’ll set your house apart.

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t take much to impress buyers with curb appeal. All that’s needed is a yard that’s taken care of and is full of life.

Don’t have the time to take care of the landscaping? Get a free quote today!