Common Reasons For Sprinkler System Repair

sprinkler system repair

Sprinkler system repair and maintenance services are a fairly common need among homeowners and gardeners.

Automatic irrigation systems are very popular for use on lawns. But as with any mechanical item, they can break down and experience problems from time to time.

Here’s how to spot when your sprinkler is having difficulties. And what to do when you’re in need of sprinkler system repair.

A Sodden Lawn

A soaked, sodden, or flooded lawn can be the result of your sprinkler pipe leaking.

If your lawn is covered with water, it may well be caused by a broken pipe leading to your sprinkler system.

Another symptom of this issue is a weak water spray, indicating a loss of pressure.

You might have damaged the pipe by mistake, with gardening equipment, for example. Or it may have become broken in inclement weather, like a winter storm.

Whatever the cause, it’s important you have this fixed before your lawn turns into a swamp and needs to be reworked.

The Spray Doesn’t Seem As Effective As Before

If your sprinkler spray seems weak and feeble, but your lawn isn’t wet, the problem lies elsewhere.

It might be the motor, or a blocked pipe, among a number of common causes.

Getting a professional in to identify the problem will save you time figuring it out yourself.

The Head Won’t Pop Up

It’s not uncommon for pop-up sprinkler heads to get caught on the way up.

Debris, caked-on mud and mechanism issues can all be the culprit.

Repairs are generally straightforward when working on this problem. But you need to get it done quickly.

If the head can’t pop up, excess pressure can build up in the pipe and cause a leak. So remember to switch the pump off if you spot this problem.

It Isn’t Rotating Properly

If your sprinkler isn’t rotating as it should, a sprinkler system repair may be required. This can happen as the systems get older, as gunk builds up.

Or it may be that a hard object has become caught in the mechanism. Either way, repair services can help you out.

Proper Maintenance of Your Sprinkler System

Routine check-ups and maintenance can help to identify problems before they become a real issue. This approach can save you a lot of money, as parts may be saveable now — but not in a month’s time.

Proper maintenance also prevents wasted water.

Repairs don’t just avoid damage to your lawn in the event of a flood. It saves you from a nasty and unexpected water bill.

Who Should I Call For my Sprinkler System Repair?

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