5 Lawn Edging Ideas For Inspiration

lawn edging

Have you recently decided to make your lawn your top DIY project? You’ve been mowing, weed eating, planting flowers and completely renovating your lawn.

But what are you missing? Lawn edging!

Edging your lawn puts the finishing touch on your lawn’s overall look and ties everything together. This easy addition to your lawn significantly increases your curb appeal and overall aesthetic.

But where do you begin? What materials do you need? How do you add edging?

Well, let’s find out!

Is There One Type of Lawn Edging?

Nope! There are actually several different approaches to edging. Before you begin the process of adding edging, it is important to identify your budget and the design you have in mind.

The most common types of lawn edging are wood, composite, plastic, metal and stone. Each type achieves a different type of style for your lawn. While these are the most common types of lawn edging, they aren’t the only.

For the more adventurous lawn connoisseur, we’ve put together a list that mixes classic and “out-there” ideas when it comes to edging.

Get ready. One of the types of edges, you can actually eat.

1. Flower Edging

If you’re a lawn person, it’s probably fair to assume that you have a love for most things that grow (except weeds).

Why not edge your lawn with flowers! Using flowers or low-growing plants, like Mondo Grass or Periwinkle, could a great and low-maintenance way to add color and a defined shape to your yard.

2. Bring Out the Bricks!

This is a pretty classic way to edge a lawn but we couldn’t help but add it to the list! it’s classic and chaos all at once.

Brick is a great option for edging if you enjoy the natural look of a stone. Bricks come in all shapes and sizes, giving you even further design control.

You can go to your local hardware store and pick up bricks that are exactly alike or bricks that never repeat color and texture! It’s completely up to you.

3. Bamboo, Nice to Meet You

If you’re not really into the traditional type of lawn edging, maybe bamboo edging is what you need.

This Asian-inspired edging could provide a subtle contrast to your lawn. The earthy colors of the bamboo would be a less-abrasive way to add a pop of color to your lawn, in contrast to a flower edging.

Bamboo comes in many different sizes which also gives you more control over your edging shape. This versatility allows your edging to easily glide around curves and corners in your lawn.

4. Railroad Ties, Anyone?

In the age of everything upcycled and DIYed, railroads ties are not immune. During the Industrial Revolution, America had an overwhelming expansion of the railroad system.

Trees were cut down to use as ties for the railroads’ safety and stability. As the years have gone on, ties are on the rise and making an appearance in the world of lawn care!

With railroad ties, you can do practically anything! From creating earthy steps to edging your lawn, the options are endless.

If you decide to add railroad ties to your lawn, it is important to note that there might be a few health hazards. When the railroad ties were used, they were treated with creosote. The U.S. EPA has said that this particular chemical might be damaging to your health and the health of your plant.

To achieve this look you don’t have to use old ties. There are several alternate materials that look hauntingly similar to a railroad tie. Just to be safe, this might be your best bet when going for this look!

5. Last but Not Least, the Herb Edging!

Remember when I said we’d give you a lawn edging option you could eat? Well, here it is! Think about edging your lawn with an herb garden.

Herb edging is an edging alternative that the whole family could be a part of. From picking out herbs to reaping the benefits of a fresh garden, an herb garden could be an exciting and natural way to add an extra spice to your lawn’s life!

There You Have It!

Here are five options when you’re thinking about edging your lawn in a fun and creative way.

But don’t forget! These aren’t the only options for edging. Your lawn should be an expression of your family’s dynamic. Make it a fun and creative way to spruce up your lawn.

Have fun!