4 Winter Lawn Care Tips You Need To Know

winter lawn care

The first snowfall of the season is always an exciting time. But, it’s not all about stocking up on firewood and having snowball fights.

There are some responsibilities that come with winter snow, too.

One of the main things to prepare for as a homeowner is winter lawn care.

Although your yard will be covered in snow all season, you want it to be strong and beautiful when everything melts away. Here are four simple tips to make that happen.

1. Fertilize

Winter lawn care actually starts in fall.

While you’re mowing your lawn per usual, start thinking about adding fertilizer to your routine.

Some people make the mistake of waiting to use fertilizer in the spring. This doesn’t allow much time for the soil to soak everything in, and the fertilizer is often used up to replenish dry soil from winter.

Instead, keep your lawn healthy throughout the winter by adding fertilizer before this season hits. This will allow your soil to have enough nutrients to sustain itself under the harsh cold.

2. Clean the Lawn

As snow time starts getting closer and closer, take one last look at your lawn.

Keep an eye out for dog toys or your child’s favorite sports ball that got left laying around. These seem small, but they can create unnecessary pressure on the ground and result in dry patches.

Other lawn items, like outdoor furniture or decorations, will be more obvious to spot. Find a space to put these inside so the snow doesn’t damage their quality.

3. Be Mindful of Your Walkways

Getting the lawn treated and cleared is only half of your winter lawn care.

The rest of the work happens all winter long.

Every time you shovel snow, try to create a different path. Even when you go outside to grab the mail or walk the dog, take alternate routes if possible.

Changing your direction like this evens out the pressure you put on the ground below you.

It allows you to distribute the weight soil will have to support all winter long. With all the times you go in and out, this adds up more than you think.

4. Prep Your Lawn Mower

The last piece of lawn care in the winter focuses on something you use all summer long: your lawn mower.

This is your time to rest and repair your lawn mower for the spring and summer ahead.

Start by taking the blades off to clean and sharpen them. Do this with care and assess if any of the parts will need to be replaced before you bring the lawn mower back out.

Consider doing a deep clean of certain pieces as well.

If your lawn had a recent disease, the clean is a necessity. This will prevent problems from coming back.

Winter Lawn Care Made Simple

We saved the best lawn care tip for last: you don’t have to do it alone!

If you’re going away for the winter or unsure how to prepare properly before the snow hits, we can help.

Contact us today to discover what our professionals can do for your property.